100 Days, 100 Donors, 100 Dollars

You are the beating heart and lifeblood of my campaign. And with just 100 days left until Edmonton’s municipal election, I need you to continue building campaign momentum.

Starting today, I ask 100 of you to step up with a $100 donation to my Ward 5 election campaign. Tell me about yourself and why you decided to support me so that I can share your story with others. My supporters come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and geography. I would love your giving to inspire others who may be motivated by the stories they read. Or feel free to donate anonymously if that works better for you!

Over the next 100 days, I will be profiling 100 donors on my webpage and social media. I will also be documenting this fundraising journey, and asking members of the public to be my daily donors. Stay tuned for these and other exciting Miranda campaign posts.

I want to be Edmonton’s next Ward 5 City Councillor to help all of you have a better, more vibrant, and more inclusive Edmonton  –  and I need your help. If you have already given, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please consider donating again to this initiative or encouraging other supporters to donate via the hashtag #100DaysDonorsDollars.

Why are you supporting Miranda?

Day 30 Donor of the Day: Lois

“I recently met Miranda when she came to my door in Ward 5. She impressed me with her willingness to listen and understand my concerns. As we got talking, it was clear that she would be someone to watch in this election. She is kind, committed, and intentionally seeks out the input of others. After a 15-minute conversation, I was convinced. I now proudly have a lawn sign expressing my support for Miranda in Ward 5.”

Day 31 Donor of the Day: Michelle

“Miranda is committed to our city and its people. She is determined to make positive change for our community and making sure that everyone feels included in the decision making process. I am impressed that her commitment to inclusiveness is also reflected in her approach to campaigning and community work. She not only spends time connecting with residents in our ward but across the city and with neighbouring communities – everyone who will be impacted by the decisions made at City Hall.”

Day 32 Donor of the Day: Heather

“I simply don’t know where Miranda gets her energy from but its completely contagious! She spends so much time in the community and knocking on the doors of residents that I am not sure when she sleeps. Miranda’s commitment to Ward 5 is evident in the relationships she has built across the neighbourhoods and communities of the ward. I know that her heart and soul is dedicated to the residents and making the best decisions possible for our city.”

Day 33 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda has a clear vision for the future, is fully aware of and ready to deal with the economic challenges, and is very open to other points of view, so important in these times of inclusiveness.”

Day 34 Donor of the Day: John

“Miranda promotes sustainability-economic and ecological-so vital in this era, locally, provincially and federally. She is independent of and untainted by connections with previous political regimes, is young and mature, and a member of our Indigenous minority. I am not being sexist in also saying that as a woman, she has a much greater likelihood of more fully representing our needs.”

Day 35 Donor of the Day: Mary

“I have been sitting back and watching the campaign in Ward 5 play out for the past six months. It has been interesting to see the voices that have come forward with their ideas and vision for our city. What impresses me most about Miranda and her campaign is the commitment to listening and reflecting back what the community is saying. Above all, that is what I want in my elected officials – someone who spends time listening, understanding, synthesizing, and reporting back what residents are saying.”

Day 36 Donor of the Day: Sharon

“Miranda has been a force in our community for a long time and her willingness to take on the political system shows her commitment to change. She will continue to stand up for what she believes is morally just and create space for voices that have been missing from the conversation.”

Day 37 Donor of the Day: Charlene

“Miranda’s policy platform, just like herself, is based on non-aligned, non-partisan community based initiatives and supports. Her background, education and experience actually give her an ideal perspective on the issues we face today in Edmonton. Miranda’s ideas are all entirely plausible, reasonable and above all, practical.”

Day 38 Donor of the Day: Darcy

“Miranda is progressive and inclusive and that’s what our city needs. I want my children to grow up in a place where diversity is respected and valued. And I want leadership that helps to create a community where this is possible.”

Day 39 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Our City Council needs people with leadership and vision. Those are the qualities I see in Miranda. She is selfless, hard working, and dedicated to the work of public service. I know that having her on Council will leave a lasting impression on our city.”

Day 40 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“The time Miranda has spent in the neighbourhoods of Ward 5 listening to the experiences of residents is impressive. Miranda will use the knowledge she has gained through the community members to be a strong advocate on behalf of residents.”

Day 41 Donor of the Day: Amanda

“I support Miranda because I want to live in a city with elected officials that are committed to inclusive decision making and community building. Miranda’s tireless volunteerism and commitment to Ward 5 residents inspires me to support her and her vision for our city.”

Day 42 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Throughout the neighbourhoods of the west end, my path continues to cross with Miranda. She seems to be everywhere anything is happening in the community! Miranda has incredible passion for community and her passion is infectious.”

Day 43 Donor of the Day: Darrell

“I feel Miranda will be an asset to Edmonton’s City Council. She comes from community and really cares about community. Miranda will bring her grassroots connections and commitment to community to the important role of city building.”

Day 44 Donor of the Day: Carl

“Miranda has her pulse on the city. She is so well connected to the people and things that makes our city great. Miranda generates ideas that push innovation in our city and force others to think of bigger, bolder plans for our city’s future.”

Day 45 Donor of the Day: Patricia

“I have seen Miranda interact with hundreds of people and she really listens with intent. Miranda is community-minded and is able to connect with so many people. She is insightful and thoughtful and has true vision for the future of our city.”

Day 46 Donor of the Day: Alex

“Miranda is a fearless leader who has conviction and is able to stand up for what’s right. She is not afraid of tough questions and even tougher decisions. I know she will be a strong advocate for residents on City Council.”

Day 47 Donor of the Day: Merle

“Over the past few years, I have watched Miranda work hard to make her run for City Council a reality. Because of her commitment and dedication, I have confidence that Miranda will be elected and not only Ward 5, but all Edmonton, will be well served by her.”

Day 48 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda has already shown incredible dedication to the job of serving in public office. Her dedicated efforts are unparalleled by any other candidate in this election. Not only has Miranda shown she is hard working and committed, she is knowledgable and has the experience to serve Ward 5 well.”

Day 49 Donor of the Day: Iwona

“Miranda is truly passionate about our city. I know that she is running for City Council because she cares about the residents in Ward 5 and wants to make sure their voices are heard. Miranda is engaged and wants to engage others.”

Day 50 Donor of the Day: Heather

“I first met Miranda at a community gathering last winter after following her campaign on social media. Since then, I see her everywhere! Miranda is dedicated to the community and truly wants to hear from residents. I think the most important commitment any politician should make is spending time with the people who they represent. Even though she isn’t even elected yet, Miranda has been doing this for over a year and this has given her an incredible advantage over the others running in Ward 5.”

Day 51 Donor of the Day: Walter

“I want to see more diversity on our City Council and that’s why I am supporting Miranda Jimmy in Ward 5. Not only is she is experienced and knowledgeable about civic issues that matter to me, she brings an important perspective and understanding to the role.”

Day 52 Donor of the Day: Joan

“I so proud to see someone as passionate and engaged as Miranda stand for City Council. She is smart, thoughtful and accomplished and will bring a broad range of talents and connections to City Council.”

Day 53 Donor of the Day: Rick

“Miranda is a neighbour who I have got to know through community gatherings. She is personable and friendly and always pitching in. Miranda is just an everyday, hard working person who really cares about the city and wants to make it better. I know that she puts a lot of time into the community and we have all benefited from her efforts.”

Day 54 Donor of the Day: Keavy

“Miranda Jimmy has shown such remarkable leadership in the City of Edmonton and residents have already benefited from her passion and commitment. Her vision and skill as a community leader and overall mover and shaker are second to none. It’s very exciting to think about what she could accomplish as a City Councillor!”

Day 55 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“I’m supporting Miranda because she is incredibly hard-working, smart and knowledgeable about the issues impacting Edmontonians. Miranda has a voice that is much needed on our City Council. I can’t imagine a better candidate – or Councillor – for Ward 5.”

Day 56 Donor of the Day: James

“Miranda is hard working, dedicated, and passionate about serving the community. I like to put my money where my mouth is so I am supporting Miranda! I don’t live in Ward 5 so I can’t vote for Miranda but I wanted to do something to support her campaign.”

Day 57 Donor of the Day: Kate

“Coming from a small town to the big city, I didn’t know anyone. I met Miranda volunteering and found out that she was once in my situation. Miranda has got to know our city by volunteering and has shown me the ropes. She knows so much and exudes such positivity about Edmonton that you can’t help but be inspired!”

Day 58 Donor of the Day: Paige

“I am a student and operate on a pretty tight budget. Miranda has inspired me and made me realize that you can have a major impact on the world around you through commitment and dedication – money does not and should not be the only thing that is needed to make the change you want to see.”

Day 59 Donor of the Day: Daniel

“I have known Miranda for over 15 years. She is a determined and charismatic leader. Miranda is truly authentic, with core values of honesty and integrity. A hard worker, she is always humble, putting the community first.”

Day 60 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda has the experience of being a resident that actively engages with the community and uses city services as well as being a decision maker at the City of Edmonton. I know she will find solutions to problems through the lens of both these perspectives. Miranda is thoughtful, engaged and will make the best decisions for the future of our city.”

Day 61 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda truly believes in our city and the potential of the people who live, work and play here. She has an unwavering commitment to bring out the best in the people around her. Miranda listens to the concerns raised by residents and finds solutions that help everyone work towards a positive outcome. I can’t wait to see how she will use these abilities in her role as Ward 5 Councillor.”

Day 62 Donor of the Day: Kevin

“We need more women on City Council. We also need more community-minded people on City Council. Miranda will fill the gaps that I see on Council and be a voice for Ward 5 issues. She impressed me when she came to my door with her knowledge of the neighbourhood issues and her passion to make a difference.”

Day 63 Donor of the Day: Rebecca

“While I’ve always been impressed and inspired by Miranda’s ideas, what truly makes her stand out from the crowd is her determination to DO something about them. Miranda sees the biggest challenges facing us as a city – from reconciliation and fulfilling the promise of Treaty 6 to balancing growth and sustainability – as opportunities to promote equality, to engage with others, and to encourage every voice to be heard. It is this drive to action, rooted in a deep connection to our community, that inspires me to support Miranda for Ward 5 Councillor.”

Day 64 Donor of the Day: Cori

“I have seen Miranda campaigning hard over the last year. She has an inherent desire to serve the public in a good way by listening to residents and leading the way to change. Miranda will bring a fresh perspective to City Council, advocating for the working class people and the neighbourhoods of Ward 5.”

Day 65 Donor of the Day: Kathryn

“I have seen the impact of Miranda’s community initiatives and also worked with her at the City of Edmonton. I know she is committed to this city and wants the best for the people who live here. Miranda tackles all her work with a focus on collaboration and understanding. I look forward to seeing her apply this to decision making on Council and residents benefiting from the results.”

Day 66 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda is everywhere! I have seen her at business mixers, community events, and engagement sessions in a many neighbourhoods across the ward. This shows her commitment to connecting with as many people as possible. Through this, I’m sure Miranda has built a strong network of advisors and supporters from across all walks of life. She has shown she will represent a variety of perspectives which I feel is important for an elected official.”

Day 67 Donor of the Day: Dennis

“Miranda has been a breath of fresh air to talk politics with. She understands the true nature of being elected is about serving the public. Miranda will bring communication with residents back to City Hall and allow us to influence the decisions being made on our behalf. I have faith that she will do what’s right after listening to the people.”

Day 68 Donor of the Day: Laurie

“I had seen information on Miranda’s campaign on Facebook before she knocked on my door. I have already seen her dedicate a lot of time and energy to connecting with people in the ward which shows her commitment. Miranda is a firecracker! She will speak up for the needs of average folks who’s voices have been missing from City Hall. I can’t wait to see what she does for us in Ward 5.”

Day 69 Donor of the Day: Muriel

“Miranda came to my door and introduced herself as a candidate in my area. I was impressed that the she came wanting to know my concerns and issues. I gave her an earful about all the things I feel could run better at the city and she listened. In the 20 minutes she spent in my living room, I was impressed. Miranda will be a strong voice for the people of Ward 5. I know she will make sure to speak on behalf of the needs of our community and address our concerns.”

Day 70 Donor of the Day: Mary

“I think we need some new ideas on City Council that bring the community to the forefront. I know Miranda will use her knowledge of navigating the city to meet the neighbourhood needs in the most efficient way. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and has many great ideas on advocating for the needs of our ward.”

Day 71 Donor of the Day: Daniel

“Miranda really has her ear to the ground in this city. She is connected to people and groups that help her to understand the community needs. Miranda uses her network to make sure she’s informed on the important issues that need to be addressed.”

Day 72 Donor of the Day: Lindsay

“I have never met someone with as much enthusiasm for serving the public as Miranda. She came to my door and wowed me with her commitment to Ward 5 and our city. Miranda is approachable, knowledgeable, and willing to listen to residents. I know she will serve us well!”

Day 73 Donor of the Day: Sarah

“I support Miranda because she is exactly the kind of leader Edmonton needs. Miranda is incredibly hard working, smart, compassionate, and ready to tackle the difficult issues. Because of her values and commitment, I know that will make this city great for all Edmontonians.”

Day 74 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda is a pragmatic visionary, someone who sticks to budgets while surpassing everyone’s goals. She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge of the city, her passion for community, and a talent to bring both of those together.”

Day 75 Donor of the Day: Sara

“Miranda brings people together and creates positive change. I’ve never met anyone so passionate about and skilled at community building. I have seen her do this with the creation of RISE and through her work at the Edmonton Heritage Council. I know she will be an amazing City Councillor for Ward 5 and all Edmontonians. I can’t wait for election day!”

Day 76 Donor of the Day: Thomas

“As a young adult, I want to see our city move away from being planned around cars and vehicle transportation. I like that Miranda is committed to supporting options that include transit and active transportation to move people in our city. Miranda is committed to creating the city we want to be a generation from now and sees the steps that we need to get us there. She has a vision and will make decisions that will lead to more options for more residents in the future.”

Day 77 Donor of the Day: Jason

“Over the past few years, I have crossed paths with Miranda in the community at various events in the neighbourhood and through the community league. Miranda truly cares about Edmonton and wants the best for our city and its residents. She goes out of her way to include everyone and engage neighbours in community life. As residents of Ward 5, we should all be grateful to have such a passionate, capable candidate running to be our representative.”

Day 78 Donor of the Day: Tanya

“I never really paid much attention to city politics before Miranda got me excited about it. She knows how much it truly impacts the day-to-day lives of residents. Miranda knows more about City Council than anyone I’ve ever met and can translate it in a way that makes sense to the average person. I have learned so much from her and knows that she will continue to help people understand the decision making process.”

Day 79 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“Miranda understands how to listen and learn from the people around her then activate the assets of the community. She has an incredible ability to rally support from and engage with a variety of people for the benefit of all. I can’t wait to see how she translates this work into policy and change on our City Council that will impact our city for generations to come.”

Day 80 Donor of the Day: Jocelyn

“I appreciate the work Miranda is doing to provide voters with a progressive option in Ward 5 and I respect that she will, without hesitation, answer sincerely and directly any questions that she is asked. Miranda’s stance on issues is well thought out and I can see that she has a clear interest in what is best for the community. She takes an informed, multi-faceted approach to tackling problems with an ability to incorporate both immediate next steps and a long-term vision into her plans. She is capable and clearly dedicated and I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish on Edmonton’s City Council.”

Day 81 Donor of the Day: Pamela

“It’s exciting to watch Miranda, share her thoughts and impassioned ideas about what she fundamentally believes is the right thing to do. Miranda is extremely committed to our city, the people within it, and the issues that are a concern to us. Her vast experience working with the City of Edmonton and other community groups has her very well prepared to carry out what she is hoping to accomplish during her time on our City Council.”

Day 82 Donor of the Day: Shawn

“Miranda is an incredible asset to our city, and has a proven track record on how to effectively engage and be a voice for the community. I saw how she brought people together through RiSE events and transformed my thinking on Indigenous issues. I’m delighted to support her mission to improve our city!”

Day 83 Donor of the Day: Nancy

“I am supporting Miranda Jimmy in Ward 5 because she has demonstrated a commitment to listening, informing and working with all the constituents in this Ward. I have watched Miranda invite conversations and spend countless hours getting “up to speed” on the concerns and issues of the residents in this area of Edmonton. She doesn’t offer quick fixes or easy answers, but listens and gives thoughtful responses. Miranda is wise enough to know that if some people win then others have to lose, and so she often proposes a way forward that involves respect and compromise. If elected, I believe these traits and her tireless work ethic will be an asset not only to our Ward, but to all of City Council.”

Day 84 Donor of the Day: Shafraaz

“Miranda inspires me by the energy of her campaign. I have never seen a candidate attend so many events and be so engaged ever before. Our Council also needs diversity and I trust Miranda to bring her energy and ideas to make City Council inclusive and more representative of our vibrant city.”

Day 85 Donor of the Day: Crystal

“I have got to know Miranda through a variety of community projects and through her work at the Edmonton Heritage Council. She takes a thoughtful approach to her work and always looks for a positive outcome in any challenge. Miranda is a natural leader who brings people together and inspires those around her. I am excited for this next phase of Miranda’s impact on Edmonton!”

Day 86 Donor of the Day: Ruth

“From the moment I met Miranda, I was impressed with her knowledge and integrity. I wanted to make sure that all my neighbours in Rio Terrace had a chance to meet her and learn about her campaign to represent us in Ward 5. Each time I hear her speak, I am further impressed with how well she presents her ideas. Miranda will be an incredible City Councillor. She cares about our city and has a vision for its future.”

Day 87 Donor of the Day: Anne

“I have been blown away by Miranda’s ability to foster constructive conversations on difficult subjects, like infill and lot sub-division, in a productive, forward-thinking way. Miranda’s leadership will lead to more holistic and far-sighted decision making on Council, benefiting our entire city.”

Day 88 Donor of the Day: Anthony

“For years, I have seen Miranda develop her knowledge of the city through connecting with community members and City Administration. Miranda understands the systems of decision making and how to make positive change possible. She has built up a network of allies across Edmonton that provide her with insight, guidance, and supports her on-the-ground community efforts. Her passion and dedication has not gone unnoticed!”

Day 89 Donor of the Day: Linda

“I got to know Miranda through volunteering with RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton. I am constantly amazed by her tireless dedication to this cause. Her passion and personality brought Edmontonians from all walks of life together to better understand and promote reconciliation. Miranda is a great connector, inspiration to others, and dedicated champion for community. I know she’ll make a difference in our city.”

Day 90 Donor of the Day: Alayne

“Miranda is a strong woman who wants to ensure many voices and concerns are heard at City Hall. I know she is committed to standing up for what she believes in. Miranda’s dedication has been proven over the past year she has spent connecting with residents in Ward 5 and around Edmonton. Combined with her knowledge of the operations of the City, she will be a strong voice on Council for Ward 5.”

Day 91 Donor of the Day: Various Donors

A few people have given what they can since I launched this giving campaign and every donation, big and small, has been appreciated! Their reasons for giving were all a slightly different but this quote from one donor summarized them best: “I know Miranda is the best person for the job. I am glad to be able to give some money & my time to help get her elected.”

Day 92 Donor of the Day: Cheryl

“Miranda is highly engaged and engaging. She has a special focus to engage the young voters and even those who don’t have the right to vote, yet. She has taught me about Ward 5 that even as a resident, I never knew. Miranda invited me to have an opinion and the ability to have impact in my community. No other candidate made time to have coffee at our home!”

Day 93 Donor of the Day: David

“I’ve heard about Miranda Jimmy now from several different people in our city. I was curious to know more and began following her and reading her blogs. I am impressed with how actively she engages with people not just in Ward 5 but also in the city and region. Miranda speaks with confidence & clarity and is knowledgeable on many topics from transit to the arts – from infill to budgets.”

Day 94 Donor of the Day: Sara

“I’m delighted to support Miranda Jimmy for Ward 5 Councillor. She inspires me; from her community leadership to her approachable attention on the doorsteps of her ward. Miranda’s capacity for hard work in the interests of her neighbours guarantees a unique, fresh approach on City Council – sure to benefit all of us who care about our city and want the best for it.”

Day 95 Donor of the Day: Avery

“I have come to know Miranda through her work with RISE and am donating to her campaign because I have the utmost confidence that she will contribute substantially to Edmonton’s City Council. The commitment, tenacity, and passion Miranda has will be an asset to the citizens of Ward 5 and to Edmontonians more broadly.”

Day 96 Donor of the Day: Jesse

“I support Miranda because she is an inspiring leader who uses determination and honesty in her efforts to bring about positive change.”

Day 97 Donor of the Day: Karen

“I heard Miranda speak at community event and was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and passion for the city. Although I don’t live in Ward 5, I want to see more women on Council that represent the diversity of our city.”

Day 98 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“I’m inspired by Miranda’s dedication to Truth and Reconciliation. Miranda will bring many voices to City Council that are currently missing and ensure that the issues facing Ward 5 residents are addressed.”

Day 99 Donor of the Day: Bob

“As a resident of Lessard, I want to see more progressive voices on Edmonton’s City Council. I am supporting Miranda because I have seen her commitment to the community, both here in the ward and across the city. I’ve seen her at many events, listening to residents and responding to community needs.”

Day 100 Donor of the Day: Lisa

“Miranda Jimmy is one of the most caring, hard-working, and authentic individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet in my 23 years as an Edmontonian. Over the past 10 months, I’ve been so impressed by her dedication to connecting with the citizens of Ward 5. I don’t live in Ward 5, but she makes me wish I did!”

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  1. I am so happy to see that you have reached your 100 goal, Miranda. You are doing tremendous work and will be a great asset to our city council and to those of us who live in Ward 5.

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