100 Days, 100 Donors, 100 Dollars

You are the beating heart and lifeblood of my campaign. And with just 100 days left until Edmonton’s municipal election, I need you to continue building campaign momentum.

Starting today, I ask 100 of you to step up with a $100 donation to my Ward 5 election campaign. Tell me about yourself and why you decided to support me so that I can share your story with others. My supporters come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and geography. I would love your giving to inspire others who may be motivated by the stories they read. Or feel free to donate anonymously if that works better for you!

Over the next 100 days, I will be profiling 100 donors on my webpage and social media. I will also be documenting this fundraising journey, and asking members of the public to be my daily donors. Stay tuned for these and other exciting Miranda campaign posts.

I want to be Edmonton’s next Ward 5 City Councillor to help all of you have a better, more vibrant, and more inclusive Edmonton  –  and I need your help. If you have already given, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please consider donating again to this initiative or encouraging other supporters to donate via the hashtag #100DaysDonorsDollars.

Why are you supporting Miranda?

Day 87 Donor of the Day: Anne

“I have been blown away by Miranda’s ability to foster constructive conversations on difficult subjects, like infill and lot sub-division, in a productive, forward-thinking way. Miranda’s leadership will lead to more holistic and far-sighted decision making on Council, benefiting our entire city.”

Day 88 Donor of the Day: Anthony

“For years, I have seen Miranda develop her knowledge of the city through connecting with community members and City Administration. Miranda understands the systems of decision making and how to make positive change possible. She has built up a network of allies across Edmonton that provide her with insight, guidance, and supports her on-the-ground community efforts. Her passion and dedication has not gone unnoticed!”

Day 89 Donor of the Day: Linda

“I got to know Miranda through volunteering with RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton. I am constantly amazed by her tireless dedication to this cause. Her passion and personality brought Edmontonians from all walks of life together to better understand and promote reconciliation. Miranda is a great connector, inspiration to others, and dedicated champion for community. I know she’ll make a difference in our city.”

Day 90 Donor of the Day: Alayne

“Miranda is a strong woman who wants to ensure many voices and concerns are heard at City Hall. I know she is committed to standing up for what she believes in. Miranda’s dedication has been proven over the past year she has spent connecting with residents in Ward 5 and around Edmonton. Combined with her knowledge of the operations of the City, she will be a strong voice on Council for Ward 5.”

Day 91 Donor of the Day: Various Donors

A few people have given what they can since I launched this giving campaign and every donation, big and small, has been appreciated! Their reasons for giving were all a slightly different but this quote from one donor summarized them best: “I know Miranda is the best person for the job. I am glad to be able to give some money & my time to help get her elected.”

Day 92 Donor of the Day: Cheryl

“Miranda is highly engaged and engaging. She has a special focus to engage the young voters and even those who don’t have the right to vote, yet. She has taught me about Ward 5 that even as a resident, I never knew. Miranda invited me to have an opinion and the ability to have impact in my community. No other candidate made time to have coffee at our home!”

Day 93 Donor of the Day: David

“I’ve heard about Miranda Jimmy now from several different people in our city. I was curious to know more and began following her and reading her blogs. I am impressed with how actively she engages with people not just in Ward 5 but also in the city and region. Miranda speaks with confidence & clarity and is knowledgeable on many topics from transit to the arts – from infill to budgets.”

Day 94 Donor of the Day: Sara

“I’m delighted to support Miranda Jimmy for Ward 5 Councillor. She inspires me; from her community leadership to her approachable attention on the doorsteps of her ward. Miranda’s capacity for hard work in the interests of her neighbours guarantees a unique, fresh approach on City Council – sure to benefit all of us who care about our city and want the best for it.”

Day 95 Donor of the Day: Avery

“I have come to know Miranda through her work with RISE and am donating to her campaign because I have the utmost confidence that she will contribute substantially to Edmonton’s City Council. The commitment, tenacity, and passion Miranda has will be an asset to the citizens of Ward 5 and to Edmontonians more broadly.”

Day 96 Donor of the Day: Jesse

“I support Miranda because she is an inspiring leader who uses determination and honesty in her efforts to bring about positive change.”

Day 97 Donor of the Day: Karen

“I heard Miranda speak at community event and was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and passion for the city. Although I don’t live in Ward 5, I want to see more women on Council that represent the diversity of our city.”

Day 98 Donor of the Day: Anonymous

“I’m inspired by Miranda’s dedication to Truth and Reconciliation. Miranda will bring many voices to City Council that are currently missing and ensure that the issues facing Ward 5 residents are addressed.”

Day 99 Donor of the Day: Bob

“As a resident of Lessard, I want to see more progressive voices on Edmonton’s City Council. I am supporting Miranda because I have seen her commitment to the community, both here in the ward and across the city. I’ve seen her at many events, listening to residents and responding to community needs.”

Day 100 Donor of the Day: Lisa

“Miranda Jimmy is one of the most caring, hard-working, and authentic individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet in my 23 years as an Edmontonian. Over the past 10 months, I’ve been so impressed by her dedication to connecting with the citizens of Ward 5. I don’t live in Ward 5, but she makes me wish I did!”

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