The results are in

The voters of Ward 5 have made their decision. Of course it was not the result I was hoping for but I respect the democratic process and the people who chose to have their voices heard. I will have many more reflections over the coming hours and days but for now I just want to quietly reflect on the journey that brought me here.

Thank you to my volunteers, donors, and supporters. Your willingness to step up and support my Ward 5 journey has been a gift. It has been an honour to work alongside of you and campaign in the best way we know how – with honour, courage, and respect.

I am excited for the next adventure awaiting for me and for whatever the universe has in store.

All My Relations.

3 Replies to “The results are in”

  1. Your journey is still in progress.
    I’ve been so incredibly proud of your campaign. Steady and classy. Listening to Ward 5 residents. Your volunteers were also very thrilling to watch. This was as close as I’ve ever come to any campaign and your supporters were AMAZING! May creator continue to bless your leadership journey.

  2. You’ve obviously made an impression, beating out other candidates with much more funding and connections! I’m looking forward to you continuing to build on your achievements this election!
    Congratulations on your impressive first time out!

  3. Thanks putting your name and ideas forward. Your public service is just beginning. I look forward to supporting you in whatever arena you chose in the future.

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